GSD Elite Mastermind

Event in Atlanta

August 14-17, 2024

Where faith-driven entrepreneurs gather, learn, and thrive.

Dear friend,

I’m going to be real with you: Breakthroughs require a break.

We're both entrepreneurs - visionaries who know we're created for great things, with limitless potential to achieve our dreams and make a meaningful impact. That's why we work tirelessly, chasing opportunities, building businesses, and leading teams that support our goals.

But there's a downside to this non-stop hustle: It's hard for us to slow down, take a pause, and reflect on what we truly need to propel our journey forward

I've seen too many leaders with incredible potential stumble and fall, all because they never took the time to stop, recharge, and realign. They never surrounded themselves with like-minded individuals who could guide them through any challenge.

As a result, their lives and dreams began to unravel. Instead of accomplishing what they knew was possible, they stayed in an endless loop of never quite achieving what they’ve been called to do.

That's why I created GSD Elite -

an exclusive mastermind designed just for faith-based entrepreneurs like you who need a sacred space to escape the daily grind, pause, recharge, reflect, and gain the clarity you deserve.

I have a seat at the table for you in Atlanta.

When: August 14-17

Where: Alpharetta, GA

This event is your opportunity to step away from the chaos and immerse yourself in an environment that fosters growth, connection, and realignment with your core objectives.

What to Expect at GSD Elite

Past Speakers Include:

Ken Joslin

Randy Garn

Vic Keller

Erwin McManus

Gary Brecka

Sage Brecka

Wes Gay

Phil Stringer

Tracy Duhs

Amberly Lago

Dan Martell

Shawn Lovejoy

Casey Graham

Brian Covey

Brent Gove

Inspiring Sessions:

Learn from leaders who have walked the path you're on. They share their journeys, hard-won lessons, and proven strategies for overcoming the very challenges you face.

Powerful Connections:

Beyond the sessions, connect and build lasting relationships with fellow entrepreneurs who share your drive, passion, and commitment to making a positive impact.

Holistic Growth:

We dive deep into Core 5 areas that matter most - your faith, health, relationships, business, and finances - to empower you to thrive in every aspect of your life.

More Than a Vacation

Let's be clear: GSD Elite is not a party or a chance to get a tan. This event is designed to reset and redefine the course of your life across all key areas, empowering you to thrive beyond your wildest expectations.

Your Next Step

I have a limited number of seats available for this life-changing gathering, and I've reserved one just for you. Let's schedule a call so you can share the challenges you're facing, and I can explain why GSD Elite may be the turning point you've been seeking.

Joining us in Atlanta could be the single action that helps you:

• Grow deeper in your faith

• Solve the business problems that keep you up at night

• Build relationships that will last a lifetime

• Take ownership of your health and wellbeing

• Start building a lasting financial legacy

Our mastermind is the catalyst for lasting change in all these areas. Don't miss your opportunity to claim your seat at the table.

The life you've been working towards is within reach. I'm holding a space for you to make your breakthrough. Let's talk soon.

Ken Joslin

Founder, GSD Elite

Hear what people are saying about GSD Mastermind.

Dr. Morgan Anderson

This Mastermind is different than any other I’ve been a part of. Not only are they driven entrepreneurs, but they are also the most authentic & kind people I have ever been around.

Zach T

My biggest transformation since joining the GSD Mastermind was in the area of my Faith. I’ve had so many questions answered over the past two years that have helped me grow to a new level in my relationship with God.

Brent Gove

Do you have a strategic for 2024? I bet you don’t. Hope is not a strategy but getting in the right rooms around the right people, is. It is the WHO. You’re going to meet people that are going to rock your world. We have met people that have built hundred million dollar companies & people who have sold their companies for billions of dollars. They are here!

Orlando Montiel

Ken, thank you very much! You really knocked it out of the ballpark. The type and quality of people we had in the room, not only professionally but also as humans, were outstanding. We discussed health, relationships, faith, and wealth, as well as couples and marriage. It goes way beyond just improving your business. When you have your health, marriage, love, and all those things in place, it makes business much, much easier.



Alpharetta, GA

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